Updated: 09/12/2020 

Computer Foundation is a company that specialises in offering end-to-end business solutions, creating, enhancing and maintaining spatially enabled management information systems (MIS). By carefully analysing the macro as well as the micro-environments, Computer Foundation is able to design, develop, commission and operate an integrated, multi-platform spatial system, and deliver on any platform ranging from mobile to internet technology.

With its core focus being Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Computer Foundation provides a layer based, intelligent mapping system that integrates into most mainstream databases, producing a snapshot geographical representation of the information.

These innovative spatially enabled solutions, which are geared to meet the specific requirements of the environments used by their customers, are backed by an inclusive range of support services. These cover all elements of business analysis, system design and development, project management, system implementation, training, skills transfer and technical support to provide a rich and dynamic platform for visual control over the MIS system. The customer’s business becomes limitless, as information is easy to access, retrieve and graphically analyse.


Customer Relations

Computer Foundation has established a track record in the market place, for managing and delivering even the most complex GIS and spatial MIS projects, the success of which continues to bear testimony to both the technical expertise and the people skills of the company.

Its relationships with its clients form a material part of Computer Foundation’s history. A good number of these have been clients almost since the company’s inception.

The company’s excellent bonds with the people it has served is reflected in a devoted user group, which has continued to support the company over the years.

Why Computer Foundation?

The quality of any information system must be viewed as a “make or break” factor in a company’s endeavours to achieve, sustain and enhance competitive advantage.

Without spatial enablement, however, the traditional MIS can be best compared with a blind person, who despite his blindness has skilfully managed to master his world.

Imagine, though, what his world would be like if you could give him sight.

Dedicated to service excellence and committed to remaining at the forefront of


 developments in spatial technology, Computer Foundation is founded on the principle of “it’s not about today, it’s about tomorrow".

As a local and international player, Computer Foundation supports the governments initiatives of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and has therefore secured relationships with a number of BEE companies and has jointly delivered a number of successful solutions.

Computer Foundation is therefore committed to turning blind instinct into visible control.